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Water Pump ExtensionIn their words, US Endoscopy focuses on a few things - people, products and relationships. The result is an organization full of passion and activity that is working with clinicians to identify the most urgently needed solutions to some uncommon or unaddressed needs in GI. The ability to quickly identify a need and to develop purpose-built solutions that uniquely attend to these defines the success of this company.

Purpose-Built Solutions

US Endoscopy offers a range of specialized endoscopic accessories like Roth Net® -an industry lauded device for securing foreign bodies for extraction and preserving tissue specimens - and the The Carr-Locke injection needle, a patented, spring loaded needle developed to perform in the most tortuous conditions.

Most recently, the company has begun to turn its focus to endoscope cleaning and maintenance products like the Small Wonder ® - a specialized, miniature cleaning brush for the smallest scope channels, and BioShield single use biopsy channel valves and irrigators designed to reduce the possibility of infection in endoscopy.

Bite BlocksA prolific designer and supplier of urgently needed, niche diagnostic, therapeutic, and support accessories, US Endoscopy is a company delivering constant new product development and strives to always stay ahead of the curve of innovation in this industry.

Vantage Endoscopy shares this vision and our exclusive partnership offers Canadian hospitals and clinics an opportunity to experience a range of unique endoscopic solutions supported by a dedicated and knowledgeable staff.

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