Black Eye

Black Eye™ Endoscopic Marker – a cost effective, sterile, non-pyrogenic ink for marking lesions in the GI tract.

Vantage Endoscopy represents Black Eye ™ endoscopic marker – Black Eye is indicated for marking lesions in the GI tract when the endoscopist anticipates the lesion will require surgical removal before 30 days.

It’s safe, India ink preparations contain shellac, phenol, and ammonia that, even in dilute solutions, should be avoided. Black Eye’s biocompatible, non-toxic formulation contains no India ink.

It’s sterile, Black Eye is a single-use product, so sterility is easily maintained. Each syringe is steam-sterilized prior to packaging and shipping.

It’s simple, Each syringe is prefilled. Preparation is simplified thanks to Black Eye’s ready-to-use product design. Just shake it vigorously prior to use.

The Black Eye Endoscopic Marking System provides a method of marking cancerous lesions on the wall of a patient’s stomach or colon during an endoscopic procedure. The mark provides a reference point for subsequent removal of the tissue.

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