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Intelligent Endoscopy

SmartBandIntelligent Endoscopy is a Dynamic New Company, that has chosen to focus on one procedure in GI endoscopy and perfect it. Five patent pending designs later, the result is the SmartBand™, a six band ligation device for esophageal varices.

Until now the devices for treating esophageal varices have remained unchanged for many years. This was the motivation for Intelligent Endoscopy to deconstruct every aspect of band ligation and ask the question, “How can we make this better?”

To start they engineered an extra wide 9.8FR stem with a surface to surface fit for powerful flushing and a noticeable improvement in suction. In the event that additional bands are required, customers no longer need to open a second kit; instead a cap only pack is available, containing six preloaded high retention bands.

SmartBand™ also features high retention bands with less than half the amount of latex proteins in each band and because of the unique UV protected packaging, these band have twice the shelf life compared to similar products. As part of the kit, they also developed the PermaCoil™, a loading device which returns neatly to a compact until the next time it is needed.

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