guaranteed loaner program

The Vantage loaner program is intended to provide its customers with loaner instruments when the repair is not a minor one and is anticipated to take more than 48 hours once approved by the customer.

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Loaner Procedures

  • The customer will usually send this request with the instrument to be repaired. A loaner PO number shall be provided by the customer at this time.
  • Vantage Endoscopy will assess the instrument and provide the customer with a repair estimate within 24 hours of receipt.
  • The customer will accept or reject the estimate within 6 days of receipt of the estimate.
  • Vantage Endoscopy will complete the major repair within 6 days, and ship to the customer.
  • The customer will have a maximum of 6 days within which to return the loaner starting from their receipt of the repaired unit and ending on the day it is received by Vantage Endoscopy.
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Loaner Policy

  • The customer assumes full responsibility for the replacement market value of the equipment while at the customer site.
  • The customer is responsible for damages to the loaner, normal wear and tear excepted, resulting from use and/or abuse of the equipment, and will be invoiced for those repairs.
  • Examples of abnormal use include, but are not limited to visible impact damage such as cracked CCD lens, squashed insertion tube or broken connector.
  • The customer agrees to clean and disinfect the loaner before using on a patient using appropriate protocols and a reprocessing agent compatible with FujiFilm Medical Systems equipment.
  • The customer agrees to leak test the instrument before and after each use.